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Deadline for filing forms: extended to June 7, 2019

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The 25th annual INFRA Congress, an initiative of the Centre for Expertise and Research on Infrastructures in Urban Areas (CERIU), will bring together over 1,500 engineers, urban planners, technologists, decision-makers, managers and researchers from various backgrounds.

Take advantage of this opportunity to share your know-how and your team’s success stories by presenting projects and solutions that promote sound infrastructure management and sustainable urban development.


Submit your proposals by June 1st , 2019

Selection Committee

Proposals will be carefully evaluated by Marie-Élaine Desbiens, Chair of the INFRA 2019 Organizing Committee and consultant, and Co-Chair, Serge A. Boileau, president of the Commission des services électriques de Montreal, as well as her fellow committee members.

Selection Criteria

• Present a case study, an applied experimental project or a study project applied
• Demonstrate the innovative aspect and associate it with a project of a municipality
(if applicable)
• Support the results with quantifiable and demonstrable data
• Demonstrate a multidisciplinary approach (if applicable)
• Accept the retransmission of your presentation
• Respect the presentation methods
• Be available on the three days of the congress or clearly identify unavailable days
in the proposal form. Note that this could compromise nomination.
• Do not present a promotional type project for your company
• Any project carried out in a municipal environment must be presented with a
representative a municipality
• Any university applied study project must be submitted by the student and
the teacher.
• Respect the filing deadline


Schedule a 20-minute presentation with 5 minutes of questions
• The speaker will have to present his presentation (Powerpoint) to the
organization no later than Monday 4 November 2019 in 16: 9 format
• The speaker whose presentation includes videos commits to deliver these
separately from the presentation to avoid problems technical on the spot
(format: mp4 1920 x 1080)
• The speaker agrees to use the ARIAL font at least 18 pts.


The selecting committees would like to share directions for the conference proposals, which should be in line with the main theme “Challenges of Urban Engineering: Multidisciplinarity, Social Acceptability and Innovation.”

-    Urban Developments:
Project related to urban structure and public spaces.
Urbanists, landscape designers, architects, urban designers, geographers, archeologists and other specialists interacting with engineering are especially invited.

•Innovation / smart city
• Integrated design initiatives
and citizen participation
• Integrating infrastructure into the
landscape urban (eg telecommunication
antenna in the urban visual)
• Redevelopment of space
• Climatic changes
• Integration of modes of transport urban

-    Underground Infrastructure and Urban Technical Networks:
Project related to:

• Innovations
• Resilience and climate change
• Good practices in protection networks
• The smart city and management ISO / RTU
• Multi-network gallery: state of the art
and innovation
• 5G / 6G technologies
• Inspections and status of networks

-    Road Development, Transport and Expertise Pavement Technique:

• Climate change and resilience
• Good recycling practices materials
• New materials for maintenance roads
• New materials
• Good practices in emergency maintenance
• Maintenance of cycle lanes
• Innovations
• News in drone inspection
• Geotechnics
• Challenges and Solutions of Ground
• Good practices on LED lighting
• Works of art

 - Asset Management:
Project related to:

  • • Examples of municipal best practices
    in asset management
    • Innovations
    • Good risk management practices
    • Examples of good management practices
    centered on the expectations of the citizen
    • Management approaches

Please note the term “Asset” refers not only to infrastructure but also to municipal buildings, parks and garages, vehicle fleets, etc.

-    Water Management:
Project related to:

• Good practices in drinking water
• Good practices in water management
rainfed and green infrastructure
• Climate change and flood
• New management tools
• Innovations
• Risk management
• Management of overflows and measures

Speaker prices

Day of your presentation: $ 0 (automatic registration if your presentation is accepted)

Extra days:

1 day: $ 250 + taxes
2 days: $ 450 + taxes

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